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We are a Parent’s Advocacy organization specializing in helping parents to find affordable solutions for family issues. We offer free initial consultations so that you can discuss your situation with a specialist, at no charge, to see if our services will meet your needs.

We are available 24 hours a day on the internet. All you have to do is fill out a short request form providing a brief description of your particular situation and you will be contacted by telephone either the same business day, or if after hours, first thing the next business day. You are under no obligation to purchase our services at any time.

We will provide you with helpful and accurate information that will allow you to determine if we can assist you in finding an affordable solution to resolve your family issue(s). We assist parents with document preparation, education, and assistance in the following areas:

Child Custody –We educate you on the many different types of custody: Joint custody, Conservatorship, Joint Legal Custody, Joint Physical Custody, and Sole Legal Custody. Additionally, our program assists in establishing, modifying, enforcing custodial Rights, and Transferring Cases to the Correct jurisdiction as defined by the Uniform child Jurisdiction custody Act. We will provide you with a copy, upon request, of the Uniform Child Jurisdiction custody Act so that you are comfortable in deciding how to proceed as each situation is unique as to its own facts.

Child Visitation – We can assist you in establishing, modifying, enforcing and changing  jurisdictions.

Paternity – We can assist you in establishing or denying your status as a parent.

Marriage Dissolution  – (Divorce) – We can assist you in obtaining a fair resolution of  parental and financial issues.

Marital Separation – We can assist you in determining whether separation is appropriate in your case.

Annulment – We can assist you in determining whether an annulment is a viable option.

Father’s Rights – We can assist you in determining how best to protect your rights as a father.

Mother’s Rights – We can assist you in determining how best to protect your rights as a mother.

General Family Law – We can assist you with resolution of a variety of other issue that relate to general Family Law.


Thank you for taking the time to review our services. We look forward to assisting you.


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